Friday, February 13, 2009

Now I Just Need A Giant NES

One thing that I think a bunch of gamers my age are going through is trying to find some way to keep in touch with this large part of my life while still trying to have a somewhat adult house/room. As I moved into my new house and decided to designate the den to my gaming the ideas started peculating. This wasn't a new idea, the Mario block cabinet that I built back in my apartment was the first step this process, but after seeing this blog the level got raised.

This part goes out to a tribute to Kyle at

I should add that I have had basically no woodworking experience, but was really ready to learn about he whole process and throw down some change for the tools. I was really just looking for a good project to get started so this is what I came up with.

I've got a couple of other ideas that I will throw up on here that happened before the table, but none turned out to be quite as bad ass (minus the Donkey Kong shelving).

Well, here is when I'm starting. Just 3/4" MDF and a dream. And wood glue/clamps.

Another facanating view of wood gluing. Grass is growing on some other blog right now, sucker.

The box finalized

Marking off and getting ready to start cutting/drilling. Buying the hole saws was a bit of a pain, but I bought a set on Amazon and it was cheaper than buying a single one at Lowes.

Cutting out the middle pieces. The D-pad took a while but it was pretty simple.

The raised area around the outside of the D-pad was placed on top of the main base. It took quite a while to complete, but the little details really help make it feel more like the real thing. I put them around the d-pad, start/select buttons/A&B buttons. I also shaved off the edges to give up a nice curve. I used an oldschool hand plane but it did a great job.

How the buttons look after constructed. I used springs from Home Depot/Lowes and bolts to help keep them in line. The restriction feels pretty nice and pushes back nicely.

Start/Select buttons

Another view with the springs

Close up of the A/B buttons.

Bottom view for those kinky bitches.

D-pad before the install

D-pad still before the install

Overview before I get too happy.

It's all coming together, a little too nicely.

Ready to prime.

Taping and primer

Black spray paint that bitch.
Oh, looks nice.

For the buttons I got some model paint. It is oil based so you can smash on the buttons and it won't wear off like typical interior paint.

Painting continues. I took a controller to Lowes and picked out a color that matched the puke green middle section of the controller. It would look nine kinds of fugly on it's own, but in the middle of everything else it looks like hot sex. Dirty hot sex.

More paint. I used painters tape to mark off the area and cut out the lettering with an exacto knife. Painfully slow.

Here it is all assembled. Excuse me while I change my pants.


Back side.

I can store all kinds of hotness in there.

I had a custom piece of glass cut and make some little wooden stands to support it off of the table.

Well the projector is almost installed so the table wiring will be coming up soon. Those damn crooks took off with my damn NES controller so the wiring is going a little slow. As soon as I can find a nice cheap one on ebay I will be soldering these bitches up.

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