Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lawn Watering

Spring time is just around the corner and having just got the house in the fall I have not had to do too much yard work. We don't have a sprinkler system installed and I didn't figure that would be too big of an issue for Houston as it rains quite a bit, but so far we have barely had any rain. The grass is starting to look a little sad so I decided to try setting up a DIY system to save me some headache as well do it consistently as watering the lawn is usually the last thing on my mind.

I had bookmarked a post from Lifehacker last summer and decided to do it. I pretty much followed it word for word as it was not overly complicated but still substantial enough. The Lifehacker link is here.

I surveyed the yard to find the best way to water the whole yard. My yard is slightly odd shaped since I'm at the end of a culdesac but two sprinklers should cover the back yard and one for the front.

I bought the exact same timer as the article, 3 sprinklers and 3 hoses. The process was as simple as attaching the hoses to the sprinklers and the timer. After a little bit of simple programming the timer was set to give two good deep waterings twice a week in the middle of the night. That was I wouldn't have to put up with wet grass in the mornings. I also decided to bury the hose a little to help hide it and it is barely noticeable in most of the places. Pictures below:

Timer attached to the faucet

Sprinkler 1

Sprinkler 2

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