Monday, August 10, 2009

Everybody Jumpman

Holy poop on a stick, I'm on the giz!!

I decided I would give a little more info on the shelves.  I have a tendency to get into a bit of a zone when I’m working on projects and can’t be bothered to take pictures and what not, which is the main reason I hadn’t posted it before.
To this

When I moved into my new house and started to get ideas for my game room I was trying to find ways to implement useable furniture that was unique and/or had a gaming vibe.  I had already build my Mario block( when I was living in downtown Houston so I figured now that I have a workshop in a garage I needed to step my game up.
I had some old IKEA shelves laying around and thought they would be perfect for a little donkey kong action.  Only four shelves (instead of the six from Donkey Kong) but I figured it would be more than enough space and that I could add some later if I needed.  Using painters tape, and exacto knife and a rainy Saturday afternoon with no good college football on I was able to get the red truss shapes on the side of the shelves.

After that was done I went about mounting.  This wasn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be.  Turns out having shelves at a dramatic angle causes things to slide off, I vaguely remember something about that in physics.  In order to make sure I didn’t smash up my N64 I took a shelf and put one end on the ground.  The other end I propped to give the shelf some tilt.  From there I just played around with it to get an angle that looked relatively authentic but still held everything fine.  The angle that I came up with was about 20 degrees.
I was actually surprised that most things I placed on the shelf stayed put quite well.  The angle really isn’t that dramatic as it looks in the pictures due to the other shelves near it with an opposite angles, kind of like a weird optical illusion.
After I got it up on the wall I decided I needed some more details.
Ladder – I had some 1/2” square wood in the garage.  Took some measurements and cut it down to size.  Got some blue paint to match, cut some angles in the tops and bottoms and just kind of jammed it in there.  Couldn’t do that with peanut butter (ask me if you don’t get it).
Barrels – The worst part of the whole damn project was getting the barrels right.  I decided to use some Heineken keg cans and spray paint them to look a little more authentic, I forgot that Heineken is what Keystone pisses after a night of drinking well tequila.  The cans look nice and luckily just like going home with the fat friend after I had some liquid courage to warm up I able to do the deed.  Some brown spray paint later and we’re good to go.
Monkey – The girl was quite helpful for this one, aside from the fact of being awesome and letting me design a room as I would have when I was 6, she randomly had a stuffed monkey she gave me(not a euphemism).
When it was all said and done I put the game systems, some games, and a bunch of random crap on the shelves.  The art is by Scott C ( from I-Am-8-Bit.  Throw in Homer eating some doughnuts with the devil and life could not be more complete.
The top
The bottom216
Another angle of some games, no tape or anything holding them on.
No Jumpman, Daisy,  or hammer but if it’s a whiskey night there might very well be a flaming barrel at the bottom.
Thanks for looking around.  If you have any questions about it feel free to leave a comment. 


  1. Nice! Do I spy some Scot Campbell artwork on your shelves??

  2. Scott Campbell indeed. From his 8-bit great rivalries.

  3. What a great concept and deployment. Nice work Casey, I think I have to do this in my own home. I posted your pics up on Take care man and keep up the good work. I also like the mario cube. If you have anymore ideas of greatness hit us up at

  4. Great hack!
    I think you'll like this as well:

  5. I was wondering how you kept everything from sliding off. This is genius and gorgeous!

  6. I like the design. I would never have done that because I would be concerned about the angle and things tilting. However it looks good and you did a good job with arranging items on each shelf.

    I like that you got the inspiration from a game and worked out how it would look in real life. It's a DIY project that others will probably copy.

    If I worked with your idea I would probably use different colors fro the shelves or even uses different shades of the same color and go up from lightest to darkest.